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What type of insurance is included?

All our cars are fully insured. Your own liability is set to 20,000 THB. Which means that even in the event of large-scale damage, you would pay a maximum of 20,000 THB (around USD 600) and the insurance will cover the rest.

Insurance details

Insurance covers the car (damages to the rental car), 3rd party (shall you cause damage to someone else's car) and theft (if the car is stolen).

If you cause a minor damage

Take a photo of the damage and email it to us. Your liability: Depending on the level of damage we will charge you from 1,000 THB up to 20,000 THB.

If you cause a large-scale damage

Call us right away. We will give you instructions and send our staff to assist you if necessary. Your liability: We will charge you 20,000 THB for the damage (around USD 600), the rest will be covered by insurance.

We provide a free replacement car for the time when your car is under repair.

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